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137 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10002 (212)477-2858

BEST KNISH IN NYC – Yelp, Trip Advisor

Classic Kosher Gourmet Food

Yonah Schimmel has been serving knishes, kugel, latke as well as classic New York drinks like Egg Creams and Lime Rickeys since 1910. Located in the historic Lower East Side, Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery is a slice of historic New York that’s becoming more and more rare.

Stop in today at 137 East Houston Street in New York City or order our world famous knishes online with free shipping in the USA.

  This is an iconic and go to spot in the Lower East Side to have a sweet or savory (or both) knish!

I always make the walking trip to order a sweet potato or apple strudel knish to start my morning or have as an afternoon snack. I find comfort in getting it warmed up at the ideal temperature so I can easily bite in and enjoy while sitting at a nearby park or walking and snacking.

The cashier I usually see is very kind and makes sure the knish is warmed up perfectly (I believe they ask you if you want it warmed up).

[Side note, I usually order a coffee or cappuccino from a coffee shop in West 4th to pair beautifully with either my sweet potato or apple strudel knish]

I highly recommend coming and spreading the word about this place. It's a historical foodie destination and should be shared one knish at a time.

thumb Isabella B.

  The blueberry cheese knish was so good and was generously filled. We are going to keep coming back here and wonder why we only tried it now.

Update: Went back on a Sunday and then soon after I got sick. Hygiene issues in this place.

thumb Jen M.

  If you have never had knishes delivered by dumbwaiter, with mustard as garnish and tea as hydration... and you know from Houston... get to Yona Schimmel's already

thumb Mordechai L.