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137 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10002 (212)477-2858

BEST KNISH IN NYC – Yelp, Trip Advisor

Classic Kosher Gourmet Food

Yonah Schimmel has been serving knishes, kugel, latke as well as classic New York drinks like Egg Creams and Lime Rickeys since 1910. Located in the historic Lower East Side, Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery is a slice of historic New York that’s becoming more and more rare.

Stop in today at 137 East Houston Street in New York City or order our world famous knishes online with free shipping in the USA.

  Really nice little knish bakery, tasty, cheap, and filling. The potato knish is a must. The sweet knish is nice too, super rich, the entire knish is filled with cheese.
I've also heard good things about the sweet potato knish, red cabbage, and mix veggies.
Kasha knish is blend but got a strong buckwheat flavor, which is a bit weird for my taste.

thumb Shan L.

  I can't claim that knishes are part of my heritage or that I had one before I came to New York but I've been here 20 years and I've had many. The knishes that I had from this shop were some of the best that I've had. I recently enjoyed the potato knish and the mushroom knish. Both were excellent. Tasty, sustaining, meatless, portable, affordable and great for the cold weather. The history with these, I wonder if it's like the original fast food from the old country. But what do I know? Cheap and delicious!

thumb Joseph S.

  Cool blast of LES history.  Knishes are great.  They are an occasional treat and great to share with others.   It used to be reasonable to ship them but now it is not.  Only get them when in NYC.

thumb A. B.